Join the Profit Domination Club - Online Group Coaching Program could turn your business into a 6- or 7-figure operation and
become the success story you see others living? found out that it was only YOU and your big "BUT" that was
getting in the way of YOUR success?

...I told you I could help YOU get out of your own way and
onto the path to a successful business?

it feels absolutely horrible — but what happens if you don't do anything?
Are you willing to remain paralyzed by your own fear?

Getting in your own way?

Overwhelmed by what you don't know?

Fighting your own demons?

Stuck in your business and don't know what your next step is?

Lack the knowledge to take your business to the next level?

Growing too quickly as a business?

Scared into non-action?

Are you interested in taking your business to SIX or SEVEN FIGURES?

Are you COMMITTED and MOTIVATED to take your business to the next level in order to become successful?

Are you willing to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES?

Are you ready to KICK ASS, stop making EXCUSES and FACE THE MUSIC?


Get you out of your own way and generate the courage, conviction and cash flow you need to succeed in building the business and life of your dreams.

Nail down a 90-day plan that will enable you to identify strategies to dramatically bolster your client base and your bottom line.

Dominate your profits so that YOU control your business finances, instead of them controlling you.

I'm the answer to not failing!

I will give you clarity, focus, direction and accountability.

I'm in your corner — rooting for you.

I built my first business during an economical crisis in the 90s. I grew
that business into a 7-figure success - selling to people working in
an industry that was going bankrupt because I had the right and someone to show me how.
I've taken what made me successful and I have the ability to teach it —
and I am not afraid to tell it to ya straight!

I get it! I've been where you are! You can give me every excuse in
the book and I have experienced it.

I have a approach.
No excuses on my team, just results.

Really? Come on now! I can't believe that! Well - maybe my tribe of

"Working with Odette has helped me grow as a business owner, and much faster than I could have hoped to by myself. For instance, I now charge what I’m worth, have improved my sales messaging (i.e. elevator pitch, and created a signature speech), and am setting a better strategy for growth. There's no way I would have achieved all this without Odette as my business coach!"
~ Martina Rowley
"Working with Odette, I identified my ideal market, a new ideal customer and a marketing strategy that would use my skills and strengths to best advantage. Now, with a new name, image and brand that resonates with clients, I'm speaking to more than a hundred of potential customers each month as an expert in my field. Thanks to Odette my business plan has never been stronger. The money I have invested into working with Odette has been money well spent."
~ Jason Reid,
"I have been coaching with Odette for several months and I have already seen a huge shift in my business, simply by implementing what she teaches me. I am taking charge of my marketing and networking again. Odette taught me how to build and perfect my signature talk - I have booked four speaking engagements already. I also have two new coaching clients, a direct result of picking up the phone (instead of hiding behind email as I have been!) Thanks Odette!"
~ Tracey D'Aviero


will give you access to me, and other motivated, like-minded entrepreneurs just like you! It's all about Mindset, Marketing and Money!

BECOME clear on the "why" of what
you're doing!

SQUASH your fears & self-defeating beliefs, get out of your own way!

CHANGE that voice in your head and your inner dialogue!

CRAFT a killer message so people get what you do.

ACHIEVE clarity on your ideal clients and where they are.

ATTRACT clients, keep them and bring in new ones!

FIND the money! Invest in your business.

MANAGE the money once you have it! Take charge of your finances.

CONTROL your finances — not the other way around.

Program starts May 15th

Be part of this Accelerated 4 month Program:

12 training calls (1 call a week! You'll get the recordings!)

4 group Q&A calls and 1 private 1:1 call with Odette at the end of the program (priceless!)

115 page Profit Domination Home Study System (digital version)

17 bonus audio and video download (yours to keep forever!)

24/7 Access to Odette and community via social forum (stay connected!)

Signed copy of my new book "Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of why you aren't Successful"

Ticket to Profit Domination Live Event


to start taking action and behind?
Are you ready to



Register for the Profit Domination Club — Online Group Coaching Program!

$1500 plus HST pay in full
$277 plus HST per month (6 payments)

Group Calls Will Include These Topics and More!

~ Getting Started
~ How to Get Absolutely Everything You Want Out of Life
~ The Power Behind Effective Networking and Follow Up
~ Time Management: How to Find the Time to Do It All
~ Learn How to Turn Prospects into Clients
~ Money! Money! and More Money!
~ How to Create a High Impact Statement
~ How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market
~ Managing Client Expectations
~ Fulfilling your Client Obligations
~ Create Your Personalized Sales Conversation
~ Structure Your Business with Systems


I want nothing more than to see you succeed. If YOU take all action steps presented in this 4 month
program, show up for all the calls, show up on the FB community forum with your questions and implement
all of the strategies, and you are still not satisifed - I will coach you personally. If you still do not see an improvement then I will refund your money and let you keep The Profit Domination Workbook and all the bonuses!!


$1500 plus HST pay in full
$277 plus HST per month (6 payments)